Mission & Value

● Mission of Tecera

As the global leading high quality wear resistant ceramic manufacturer, Tecera is built to supplying top quality products and all round technical solutions and to create the greatest value for the global customers. The consistent innovative technology accomplishes predominant products and brand. Tecera is totally focusing on research, manufacture and marketing valuable technology, products and professional service to help global partner come to success. What Tecera offers to customers are not only products and service, but also science and conception. Tecera would like to share the science& technology, wisdom, experience and culturewith global partners.

● Value of Tecera

No one will come to be trustful without a reason, Tecera comes to be because we are always next to the clients and the market, Tecera is built in order to create extra value for our global partners. All-round win is our permanent target.

● Philosophy of Tecera

“Strive for Perfection”, Even though nothing is exactly perfect in the world, but perfection is our permanent target. We are always trying our best to reach this target by our burning passion, technology and hard work.

● Customer policy

Not only products, solution! What Tecera is producing are not only products, but also complete solution in order toreduce customer’s production cost and increase benefits. We follow the principle of response customer’s requirementwithin 24 hours.

● Quality First Policy

We are always focus on product quality control. Tecera is continuously strive to improve product quality and services by understanding and fulfilling our customers' needs. Our products undergo a series of stringent test, QC/QA procedures and inspection system to provide greatest customers' satisfaction. Tecera has embarked on extensive Research and Development program to establish continuous improvement and upgrading of product quality, cost efficiency and new product development.

● Tecera Quality Assurance

The commitment of Tecera is to continue to fulfill customers' needs and satisfaction through product quality andservices provided. The quality of all delivered products are 100% guaranteed, in case of any complain from end user,Tecera will send technical for inspection and solve the complain immediately.

How to find Tecera


Tecera International Co.,Ltd 
Address: Rm 620, Century Business Center, Liuquan Rd, Zhangdian,Zibo,Shandong,China. 
Tel: +86-533-520-7913 
Service Hotline: +86-139-533-97731
Website: www.tecera.com.cn 
E-Mail: amy@tecera.com.cn

How to find Tecera



Company Certificates


Tecera is an ISO9001 certificated company, Conforming the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.


Tecera is an ISO14001 certificated company, Conforming the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system.


Tecera is an OHSAS18001 certificated company, Conformin the OHSAS18001:2007occupational health & safety management system.