● President: Mr. Lee Shiliang

Introduction: Mr. Lee Shiliang is the president of Shandong Crown Holding Group, which is one of the biggest group in Shandong Province. Mr.Lee is one of the founder of Shandong Tecera Technology Co.,Ltd in 2001. Tecera is also one of the oldest alumina ceramic producer in Asia.

● General Manager: Mr. Wu Mowei

Introduction: Mr. Wu Mowei is the current general manager & and share holder of Shandong Tecera Technology Co.,Ltd. Thanks to over 10 years experience in ceramic industry, Mr.Wu has excellent background of management for technical ceramic production, marketing, financial control, investment etc.

● Operating General Manager: Mr. Yu Yue Hui

Introduction: Mr. Yu is the operating general manager for the whole company. With over 10 years experience in ceramic industry and excellent background of technical ceramic production, marketing, financial control, teamwork training. Mr,Yu is operating the production planning, quality control, customer service etc.

● Production Department:

Operating Manager: Mr.Luo Zhao Ming

Introduction: Totally around 300 team members. Mr.Luo Zhaoming, the head of the production department, excellent background of the technical ceramic research, development and production. Mr.Luo and his team are running 3 production lines with excellent production control. Quality, quality and cost control are under control with ISO9001 & ISO14001 standard.

● R&D Department:

Operating Manager: Mr. Xu Xiaoqing

Introduction: Totally 5 team team members. Mr. Xu Xiaoqing, the head of the Technical research team, with the background of technical ceramic research for over 10 years. Skillful in new technical ceramic development.

● Quality Control Department:

Operating Manager: Mr.Liu Tao

Introduction: QC apartment is a separated organization, who directly report to the general manager. Thanks to the excellent background of production. All teams team members has excellent training for the quality control of technical ceramics. All cargo need to be inspected and qualified by this team. The QC team is considered to b the door of Tecera products.

● Domestic Marketing Apartment

Operating Manager: Mr. Gao Ming Dong

Introduction: Total 5 well trained sales engineers, providing excellent sales service to Chinese customers. The sales engineers are traveling in most part of the China to provide instant support to customers.

● Overseas Marketing Apartment:

Operating Manager: Ms. Amy Zhao

Introduction: Over 5 years experience for marketing technical ceramics worldwide. With international mentality of quality standard and service. Total 8 customer service persons providing all round service, including documentation, order tracking, logistics, quality inspection etc. Out of QC apartment, all cargo need to inspected independently to ensure the excellent quality.

● Customer Service Department:

Operating Manager: Ms. Gao Yueju

Introduction: Total 4 team members providing excellent service to customers both from China and overseas. Mainly responsible for placing order to the production apartment, quality inspection, instant communication and providing solution to the customer complain. Ms. Gao, Over 14 years working experience in Tecera, are skillful to provide precise service.

● Financial Department:

Operating Manager: Mr. Yin Yue Guang

Introduction: Total 4 team members, Mainly responsible for regular finance statement, investment evaluation, cost control, directly report to the general manager. Mr. Yin, Over 7 years working experience in Tecera.

● Purchasing Department:

Operating Manager: Mr. Hu Qingye

Introduction: Total 2 team members, Mainly responsible for purchasing of material, kiln furniture and cost control etc. Mr. lee, Over 6 years working experience in Tecera.

● HR & Administration Department:

Operating Manager: Ms.Wulei

Introduction: Total 2 team members, Mainly responsible for recruiting, job interview, employee training, work protection and safety, employee insurance, employee accommodation etc.

How to find Tecera


Tecera International Co.,Ltd 
Address: Rm 620, Century Business Center, Liuquan Rd, Zhangdian,Zibo,Shandong,China. 
Tel: +86-533-520-7913 
Service Hotline: +86-139-533-97731

How to find Tecera



Company Certificates


Tecera is an ISO9001 certificated company, Conforming the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.


Tecera is an ISO14001 certificated company, Conforming the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system.


Tecera is an OHSAS18001 certificated company, Conformin the OHSAS18001:2007occupational health & safety management system.