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[ Feb. 5th , 2016 ]


Dear Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support and assistance. Due to the National Spring Festival Holiday , our office will be closed from Feb. 5th (Friday) till 14th (Sunday). During this time, if you need immediately assistance, pls contact : Amy zhao Cell phone: 0086-139 533 97731 or e-mail:

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Tecera International Co., Ltd.

Tecera International

[12th sep , 2015 ]

>>The Yuanshan Forest Park Tour

Zibo Tecera International Co., Ltd. held hiking sport in Yuanshan Forest Park on Sep. 12th, 2015, which enhanced the team work and strength the communication between the colleagues.

All our colleague participating this sport, not only excerise the body but aslo felt the warmth of the family and the spirit of team work!

Tecera International

Tecera International

[13th June , 2015 ]

>>Going into the countryside,Taking care of the elderly

On June 13, 2015, before the coming of the Dragon Boat Festival, all the staff of the Tecera were going into the countryside and taking care of the elderly.

Mr. Bruce Zhang , general manager of the Tecera International after known the current poor situation of first family Aunt Zhang , is quite sympathetic to her life, sent a small token of love interest of condolences to her, Aunt Zhang moved to tears; the second family was Aunt Lee in Xieying Viliage. Aunt Lee was in poverty and blindness, but she has an strong and optimistic attitude toward life. We are all admire her and learned lot from her about the life.

This event is a success of love, each of us feel deeply that we should cherish stable, prosperous life we have, and we should also call on the community to take care of the elderly and do our best efforts to give them a happy old age life!

Tecera International

[28th April , 2015 ]

>>Tecera--Professional Wear Ceramic Supplier on Coal Prep 2015

As the biggest alumina ceramic tile manufacturer in China,TECERA attend the professional Coalprep show in Lexington,KY.

Tecera International

Coal Prep is the ONLY annual trade show and conference in the U.S dedicated to coal preparation and processing.Industry professionals come from all over the world to share the latest ideas and most effective techniques on coal preparation and processing plant technologies .These professionals come to purchase and preview the latest equipment and services in order to increase plant productivity and reduce costs.

Tecera International

Tecera shows its professional in producing and servicing!

Tecera International

Tecera meets professional customers from Unitde States.

Tecera International

Tecera International

[1st,May, 2015]

>>Celebrating Labor's Day

In order to enrich the cultural life of all workers and promote the emotion exchange and enhance the cohesion of team work in Tecera.

Tecera Technology held the Tug Competition on May 1st to celebrate the May 1st labor's day.

Teams groups by department,like Production Department team,General Management Department team, Warehouse Department team and Wet Pressing Department team,total 8 teams.

Tecera International

Every team are showing their great strength of competitivness and unity and longing for NO.1

Tecera International

When the game's whistle sounded, all the members clasping the long rope,mustering the strength to pull back desperately,Looking company leaders also cheering beside!

Tecera International

As the dis-participating staff members spontaneously formed as cheer team for the race, refueling cry, whistles, cries after another, which made the scene of fierce competition a climax!

Through this tug of competition,it improve the employee's teamwork and perseverance, especially at the critical moment we have no retreat, bite the bullet in the end, all the players on the field are high-spirited fighting with their sweat, which showing the meaning of solidarity! This May 1st tug competitive tug draw a satisfactory conclusion.


[15th,Feb, 2015]

>> Notice of Chinse New Year Holiday

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support and assistance. Due to the National Spring Festival Holiday , our office will be closed from Feb. 16th (Monday) till 25th (Wednesday). During this time, if you need immediately assistance, pls contact : Amy zhao Cell phone: 0086-139 533 97731 or e-mail: .

Happy Chinese New Year!


[31st,Jan, 2015]

>>Congratulations to the new website online[31st,Jan, 2015]

Congratulations to Tecera new website to be on line. After more than 3 months preparation, Tecera new website has been finished, all customers are welcome to visit our website to know more about Tecera products, service, news, video, photos and coming events etc. In the new website, we will update the new technology and products which will be developed by Tecera, to give more options and try to our customers. We will also display more information about the technical ceramics and industry news, we hope to share with our valuable customers.


[21th,Jan, 2015]

>>Tecera Third Line Start Annual Maintenance

Tecera International

Same as every end of the Chinese Lunar new year, Tecera plant will shutdown production lines to do the maintenance, so as to ensure the productivity after the new year holiday.

Tecera has three production lines with total production capacity about 100 MT per day. Tecera will stop line No. 3 for the maintenance, it takes about 3 weeks to repair the furnace, press, spray dyer etc, the project will be finished before the Lunar new year.


Tecera has already prepared some stock for the regular size of alumina ceramics to ensure the fast supply to the market. The maintenance will not largely effect to the supplying capacity. We also would like to suggest customer to send the planning of future order as soon as possible so as to avoid the unexpected negative influence due to the maintenance.Our customer service team will be happy to do the assistance as per your instruction.


[20th, Jan, 2015]

>>European Alumina Ceramic Expert Visit Tecera

In order to further improve the technical strength. Tecera invite an well-known alumina ceramic expert who are having over 20 years experience in technical research and production. The expert visited Tecera plant and visit all processing point of the whole plant, each single processing is well inspected. The data in each section of the production was also analysed. A lot of meeting between the expert the Tecera Technician gives deep impression to the management of the Tecera group.After finish the inspection, the Tecera technical team take a deeper communication with the expert. The expert said Tecera is the best alumina ceramic plant in China which he ever visited, the management and control of each section is excellent. However, there are some point still can be improved further. The technical communication is impressive and constructive.

Tecera management team said Tecea will invite more technical ceramic expert for technical communication in future. The most important issue is not only absorb the technology, but also change the mentality of way of working and thinking.


[19th,Jan, 2015]

>>Australian Customers Visit Tecera

In Jan.19, 2015, Australian customers visited Tecera . The delegation visited Tecera ceramic plant and rubber ceramic plate/steel work plant. During the meeting, the customers express his satisfaction with Tecera products and hope strength strategical business cooperation with each other. Two companies decided to do more business in term of all other wear protection products.

Australia market is a high level market, all products need to follow up the international quality standard. Thanks to the excellent quality and high standard control, Tecera products has been accepted by the Australian market. We believe the high standard quality control will give much longer business and will be good to other market as well.


[15th,Jan, 2015]

>>Come playing the badminton !

Tecera International ‘s the first team cooperation sports of 2015 was held on 24th Jan. 2015. Under Ms Geng Wenxiu’s careful planning , the sports was held accordingly in Badminton Association of Zhangdian.

The general manager ,Zhang Yong and Ms Amy Zhao separately was the chief judge and assistant judge. After the warm-up exercise, the first race began , 4 people win as the group winner. After the second race, the champion come out . It was an interesting game.

From this sports, we not only enhance the communications but also realizing the importance of teamwork.


[31st, Dec, 2014 ]

>>All the People of Tecera Celebrating the New Year!

The New Year Party of 2015 was held in Sports Hall of Tecera on 31st Dec. 2014. The General Manager of Shandong Tecera Technology , Mr. Wu Mo Wei and General Manager of Tecera International ,Mr. Zhang Yong both attend this big party. They celebrated with all the people in such joy and happiness for the coming new year! The colleague from Tecera International also

was invited to make showing on the party.

The people of Tecera are all lovely people, though they are not professional actor, they are full of enthusiasm. The most interesting showing is the “The most Handsome wellness and tallest boy making dating” four actress make up as The most whiteness, the most wellness and the most.

Tecera International


[10th, Dec, 2014 ]

>>Tecera successfully Participate the IMME Mining Exhibition in Kolkata India

Tecera participate the IMME 2014 from 3-6 December, 2014. IMME 2014 is one of the biggest mining exhibition in South Asia, over 500 exhibitors are visited to participate and over 20000 visitors will visit. Many world leading mining machine suppliers will display the new technology and equipment.

As the global leading technical ceramic producer, Tecera participated the exhibition successfully, hundreds of professional engineers, purchasers, CEO visited Tecera booth. Tecera has been in India market for few years and the image of Tecera are well-known by the market. We believe Tecera will have more market share by the excellent quality and competitive prices.

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