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Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe

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Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe

Product description

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Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe

■ Application: 

The wear resistant pipe is an excellent wear protection pipe used in all industry where need wear resistance. The high alumina ceramics are installed onto the internal surface of the pipe properly by welding, pasting or inter-locking system. With the brilliant properties of resistance to wear, corrosion and heat , the pipe is widely used in material handling of coal industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining and chemical industry and it is one ideal wear-resistant pipe.

Regular sizes:

Nominal Diameter


Thickness of Wear-resistant Liner(mm)

Thickness of Steel pipe 4~8

Remark: Other sizes are available upon request. Make detailed specifications based on site conditions.

■Key benefits:

(1)Great Hardness: The Mohs hardness is 9 which is only inferior to diamond but far exceeding wear-resistant steel and stainless steel. 

(2)Good Abrasion Resistance : The alumina ceramic abrasion resistance is 260 times that of manganese steel and 170 times that of high chromium iron. According to the follow-up survey for the customer, the service life of pipes can be prolonged more than 10 times under the same working condition.

(3)Corrosive Resistance :As an inorganic oxide, high alumina ceramics has extreme stable molecular structure and no electrochemical corrosion, which can resist the corrosion from various solutions such as acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent.   

(4) High Self-lubrication :High alumina ceramics has the properties of excellent self-lubrication and non-adhesive. Its roughness is just 1/6 that of steel pipe, causing smaller flow-resistance. Compared to that of steel pipe, its inner diameter could be reduced by 15.4%. 

(6)Light Weight : Density of 3.6g/cm3 is only 50% that of steel, which highly lowers the dead weight of the pipe. 

(7)Convenient Connection :Apply flange connection in principle, but we also use quick connector according to the requirements from customers.

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