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Chromium Carbide Wear Plate

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Chromium Carbide Wear Plate

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Chromium Carbide Wear Plate

Product description

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Chromium Carbide Wear Plate

■ Application: 

The TS® Chromium Carbide Wear Plate is on the ordinary steel welding, to form a volume fraction of more than 50% Cr7C3 carbide-based alloy wear layer, with high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy processing characteristics, widely used in mining, cement, steel, electricity and other industries. The main applications are including:


General Application:

(1) Power Plant: Fan blade, combustor pipeline, chute feeder and hopper liner, crusher parts, coal mill parts, dust pipe, air handling system and conveyor;

(2) Steel Plant: Bin liner, Sliding slope, blast boiler inverted bucket, skip car, blast boiler reinforced plate, Sintering feed tube, ducting, feed plate, dump truck, hopper, etc.

(3) Cement Plant: Powder concentrator blade, impingement plate, ducting, pump case, mill liner, crusher parts, slag trough, chassis, Vibration sieve plate, etc.

(4) Glass Plant: Fan impeller, fan blade, hub disk liner, fan inlet, quick-wearing spare parts, etc.

(5) Mining industry : Truck liners, hopper linings, chute liners, crusher parts, cover, wear bars and wear plates;

(6) Coal industry : chute, hopper, crusher parts and liners, coal pipes, elbows, floor scraper conveyor, pump.

■Technical Analysis: 

1、High wear resistance:

The carbon composition of the wear layer is 3~5%, chromium is 25~40%. Carbide in microstructure of Cr7C3 is more than 50%, hardness is HRC58 ~ 65. The hardness of chromium carbide is HV1400 ~ 1800 which even higher than the hardness of quartz sand HV800 ~ 1200.

The capability of our wear resistance plate is 5-6 times than the heat-treated steel;5 times than stainless steel; 5-6 times high manganese steel; 11 times than 16Mn (data from normal temperature abrasive wear test ). Carbide wears a direction perpendicular to the distribution, even compared with the same cast alloy composition and hardness, its wear resistance can be doubled, which is much higher than spray and thermal spray methods.

2. Excellent impact resistance:

Wear-resistant composite substrate for low carbon steel or low alloy steel and other ductile materials, reflecting the superiority of double metal abrasion and wear resistant wear layer media. Substrate has good impact resistance; Material handling system can withstand impact and abrasion under high drop hopper mining conditions.

3、Convenient processing performance:

Wear resistant composite plate can be cut, leveling, punching, bending, and curly, it can be made into tablets, arc plate, plate cone and cylinder. Composite board can weld into various engineering structures or components. Composite panels can be heated by mould pressing into complex shapes. Wear resistant composite steel plate can be fixed by bolts or welding on the device, very convenient to replace and maintain.


Although the cost of wear-resistant plate increased, using life has been improved a lot, meantime reduces maintenance and downtime costs. The price is 2-4 times higher than ordinary materials. When equipments handle big amount materials, more serious wear it has, the more obvious economic effect can be seen when using our wear-resistant plates. 

■ Regular Size: 


 Submerged arc welding

Open arc welding




[base metal+
Wear Layer]

4+4、5+5、6+5、6+6、8+5、8+6、8+8、10+5、10+6、10+7、10+8、10+10、12+5、12+6、12+7、12+8、12+10、12+11、12+12 14+6、14+8、14+10、16+6、16+8、16+10 18+6、18+8、18+10、20+6、20+8、20+10、30+10、40+10

3+3、4+4、5+3、5+4、5+5、6+4、6+5、6+6、8+4、8+5、8+6、8+7、8+8、10+4、10+5、10+6、10+7、10+8、10+9、10+10、12+4、12+5、12+6、12+7、12+8、12+9、12+10、12+11、12+12 14+4、14+6、14+8、14+10、16+4、16+6、16+8、16+10 18+4、18+6、18+8、18+10、20+4、20+6、20+8

[Remark] :

(1) The thickness of the wear layer is start from the melt line/boundary. 

(2)We can customize different sizes according to customer requirements, special models wear plates in different sizes and thicknesses, and can be provided according to customer's drawings.

■ Advantages:

·Alloy layer of chromium is as high as 25%-40 %.

·Micro structure of Cr7C3 carbide volume fraction is 50% or more.

·High hardness and uniform distribution, hardness HRC58-65.

·Uniform layer thickness, tolerance range 0--0.5mm only.

·Board surface level off, flatness controls in ±3mm/m

·High abrasive resistance, by 5~6 times than heat treating wear steel.

■ Key benefits:

·Reduce the cost of maintenance.

·Reduce downtime, improve equipment operation rate.

·Reduce the decrease of productivity and power consumption caused by abrasion.

·Greatly reduce environmental pollution caused by the wear blanking and increase the labor costs of clear material.

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