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TVR-Rubber Ceramic Conveyor Belt

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TVR-Rubber Ceramic Conveyor Belt

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TVR-Rubber Ceramic Conveyor Belt

Product description

Industrial Wear Protection Solutio

Tecera International


Ceramic embedded rubber conveyor belt is a combination of abrasion resistant alumina ceramic mosaic with or without dimples tiles vulcanized in resilient rubber base. For well over a decade, Tecera has been developing the most innovative and durable abrastion resistant ceramic products combined with other materials, The ceramic embedded pulley lagging products has been widely improved the durability of the conveyor belt. Our continued research, involving the mechanics of how and why ceramic lagging drives a belt, has ensured that our ceramic lagging outlasts and provides more grip than any other ceramic lagging on the market. The ceramic pulley lagging has been widely used in minging industry, coal industry,..etc.

■Specifications of the Rubber: Aumina Ceramic Type: TW92® or TW95®



Rubber Tensile Strength 16MPa
Break Extension 450-500%
Shore Hardness 60±5
Break permanent deformation 30%
Main composition Natural Rubber+SBR
Peel strength between rubber and ceramic/rubber and steel 6MPa

Bonding Strength between rubber and ceramic4MPa


■Regular sizes:

Thickness Width Max Length Ceramic Type Rubber Compound
15mm 250mm,500mm, 800mm 3660mm Dimpled ,smooth SBR,MSHA
20mm 250mm,500mm, 800mm 3660mm Dimpled ,smooth SBR,MSHA
25mm 250mm,500mm, 800mm 3660mm Dimpled ,smooth SBR,MSHA

Remark: Other sizes are available upon request.

■Key benefits:

1.Higher Friction Values

2.Improved Belt Tracking Sheds

3.Water and Dirt Easy Installation

4.Less Pulley Wear Minimize Downtime

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