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High Temperature Protection products

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High Temperature Protection products

Ceramic Protection Tube is mainly used for protecting the temperature measurement element from the outside world, in order to reduce or prevent the use of components in the process of being eroded by outside material, oxidation or collision damage. The Insulating Tube is an excellent production of Insulation material. Mainly for keeping components of the temperature measurement and the very different items off, avoiding contact with bipolar interference or short, accurating temperature measurement.
The thermal storage ceramic ball is specially utilized as the packing in thermal storage equipment. it is used in the air separation process and functions as a kind of heat exchange medium. It's specially applied as thermal storage packing in heat accumulator of air separation equipment, heating stove of blast furnace gas in the steel industry. During the process of steel rolling, if thermal storage ball is installed, it can preheat both air and gas so as to ensure burning temperature achieve the requirement quickly required by heating of billet during steel rolling.
Recrystallized Silicon Carbide (RSiC), is a fine grained, self-bonded silicon carbide composition. Re-SiC, produced by sintering fine SiC grain itselfat very high temperature, has very high purity, 99% ,SiC composition. Suitable to apply firing raw materials or products which need to avoid contamination. Used as sagger and plate etc. Applications include: Nozzles Cyclones Spigots Impeller Rings Apexes Valves Suction Pumps Dust collectors Cones Chutes Autoclave parts Vessel and Pipe Linings
Nitride bonded silicon carbide is designed forexceptional wear resistance, corrosion andthermal shock resistance.Itcanbeformed intovery intricate and precise shapes. Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide has desirable refractory and chemical properties. The Nitride bonded refractory materials share common features including an outstanding hot mechanical strength and a low pores size that confers a low permeability to gas as well as a superior infiltration resistance to molten metal and slag and a low wettability.Markets that widely use this type of material include, but are not limited to: Mining Aluminum Red Metal Pulp & Paper Chemical Petrochemical PowerGen Industrial Process Heating.
The Fused silica ceramic rollers are used as transport rollers for tempering flat glass,PDP solar and silicon steel industry and so on. Tempered safety flat glass used mainly as architecture glass curtain wall, automotive industry and so on. PDP develops quickly in the years. The Fused silica ceramic rollers are successfully used throughout the world in the tempering flat glass industry.
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